This year RumBahamas is thrilled to host diverse & unique rums from all over the Caribbean. Whether you are a seasoned rum connoisseur, a cultured consumer, or a social sipper, RumBahamas has an offering for your palate.


Observe the excitement of an International RUM Competition. With the the of "Boutique Rums of the Bahamas and The Caribbean" dozens of Rums will vie for the top spot as The International Rum Council judges them.


Over 30 intriguing Rums available for sampling.


We have a diverse offering of Rums! Fall in love with the perfect RUM (or two!) and take it home.

Live Demonstrations

Discover how sugarcane & molasses contribute to the mysterious process of RUM distillation.


Whet your intellect! Header the Hollywood-worthy history of RUM in The Bahamas; Learn about how RUM shaped the fabled fortunes of the Caribbean; find out how RUM is made, and much, much more..

The "Dirty Mule"

The Festival's official drink called the "Dirty Mule" being prepared.

The Rums

2016 Rum Winners

White Rum
1st - Havana Club Anejo 3 Anos
2nd - Margaritaville Silver
3rd - Plantation 3 Star

Gold/Amber Rum
1st - Plantation Barbados Rum
2nd - Plantation Rum Jamaica 2001
3rd - Appleton Estate Jamaican Rum VX

Solera / Average 12
1st - Dos Maderas 5 + 5 Aged Rum
2nd - Blend of 12 Aged Rum Zaya
3rd - Ron Medellin 12 Naturally Oak Aged

Extra Aged
1st - El Dorado 12 Years
2nd - Plantation Aged 20 Anniversary
3rd - Appleton Estate 21 Jamaica Rum

1st - Martinique Niesson
2nd - Depaz Blue Cane

Spice Flavoured Liqueurs
1st - Rum Bar Rum Cream
2nd - Calypso SX
3rd - Don Q Cocoa

Gold Column
1st - Ron Abuelo Anejo Fancy
2nd - Ron Veijo de Carldas - Grand Reserve
3rd - English Harbour Aged 5 Years

1st - Plantation Original Dark
2nd - Blackwell
3rd - Mount Gay Estate Black Barrel

Premium Gold
1st - Don Q Gran Anejo
2nd - R. L. Seale's Barbados
3rd - Havana Club Selecion de Maestros

Solera Avg Age Over 18
1st - Ron Zacapa 23
2nd - Mocambo 20 Year
3rd - Zafra Master Reserve 21

Flavoured Liqueurs
1st - Macou Cherie
2nd - Kraken Black Spice
3rd - Brinley Gold Shipwrecked

2015 Rum Winners

White Rum
Gold - Doorly's Macaw White Rum
Silver - Appleton White
Bronze - Tanduay Silver

Amber Rum
Gold - Abuelo 7
Silver - Ron De Jeremy
Bronze - Plantation Nicaragua 2000

Gold/Dark Rum
Gold - Plantation Original Dark
Silver - Koloa Kauai Dark
Bronze - Gosling Black Seal

Extra Rum
Gold - Abuelo 12 Year
Silver - Plantation 20th Anniversary Rum
Bronze - Eldorado 15

List of Rum Booths

2017 Rum Booths list not released yet, please come back later

List of Bar Tenders

2017 Bar Tenders list not released yet, please come back later